April 20, 2010




CALL TO ORDER:  President Darlene Omana CCA, CIT called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with five members, four guests and one speaker.  A quorum was not established. Location of the meeting was the City Diner Restaurant.  Secretary, Lisa M Huerta was present.


PROGRAM:  Dr. Ann Matula presented the information on the Craft Training Center.


MINUTES:  The February 2010 minutes were approved as written.  The March 2010 minutes were tabled.


Correspondence:  No correspondence that required action was received.




PRESIDENT:  President Darlene Omana CCA, CIT, CCRC reported that she had checked on the new T-Shirt prices.  She also reported that KEDT needed auction items. She also reported that our chapter had won the Block Kids Regional contest, the Publicity Marketing Award and our WIC Week project for 2009.  Vickie Thompson also added that the 50/50 Raffle we had at Forum yielded us $103.00.



VICE PRESIDENT:  Vice President Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that the next meeting will be held May 18, 2010 and that the speaker will be Cheryl Andrews with RSS will speak about Habitat for Humanity.  She also reported that we have great speakers coming in the future.


TREASURER:   Virginia Llanas presented the March 2010 Treasurer Report.  It was approved. 




Membership:  Vickie Thompson reported we had four guests present.


Publicity:  Barbara Taylor, CIT sent a press releases for the April  2010 meeting date. She also sent a press release for the CAD Winners.


Cartridges:  Barbara Taylor, CI T reported that we had $50.00 Credit from Office Depot for Cartridges we recycled. She also reported that we can only turn in 20 per month but can take them in all at once.


Block Kids: No report


CAD:  Barbara Taylor, CIT announced the names of the winners and reported that $200.00 was needed to complete the scholarship winnings.  Vickie Thompson added that she had challenged other chapters to participate in this program at Forum.


Salvation Army VCR Tapes  Barbara Taylor, CIT reported she had dropped off 4 bags of clothing for the clothing drive.


Garcia Art Center  Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that she had all donated items needed and an architect to draw the wall but problems prohibited us to participate.  The Junior League also had problems in that the other persons who were going to construct the wall would not do it for free as we were.  We may still or may not participate in this project depending on the Junior League.


Job Fair  Barbara Taylor CIT reported that due to lack of interest, we could not participate.


Construction Bookkeeping Class Training  Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that the test will be held on August 7, 2010.


Art Museum  Barbara Taylor CIT reported that she offered to loan the Legos we use for Block Kids for a Lego Art Exhibit.


Unfinished Business:  None


New Business:  None


Announcements:  Barbara Taylor announced that Communities in Schools is having Corpus Christi Hooks night on 4/28/10.  She is selling tickets for that occasion.


Adjournment: 7:50 p.m.


As material for the construction of our building, I pledge the agility of my hands, the ability of my mind and the integrity of my heart.


___________________                                       ____________________________________

Lisa Huerta, Secretary                                        Darlene Omana, CCA,CIT,CCRRC President


Members Present:                                            Guests Present:


Darlene Omana CCA, CIT, CCRRC                      Lori Maloch, Swantner & Gordon

Barbara Taylor, CIT                                            Maria Longoria, Swantner & Gordon

Virginia Llanas                                                   Bonnie Pearson, AM Services   

Lisa Huerta                                                        Nydia Gonzales

Vickie Thompson