May 18, 2010



PROGRAM:  CAD Winners presented their projects to the membership.


CALL TO ORDER:  President Darlene Omana CCA, CIT called the meeting to order at 7:25 p.m. with 6 members and 8 guests present.  A quorum was established. Location of the meeting was the City Diner Restaurant.  Secretary, Lisa M Huerta was present.


MINUTES:  The March 2010 minutes were approved as corrected.  The April 2010 minutes were approved as corrected.


Correspondence:  No correspondence that required action was received.




PRESIDENT:  President Darlene Omana CCA, CIT, CCRC reported that she had checked on getting sample sizes for the T-Shirts but could not catch the owner in the shop. She will check again and report at next meeting.


VICE PRESIDENT:  Vice President Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that the next meeting will be June 15.2010 at Santiago’s restaurant.  The speaker will be Cheryl Andrews.  She will speak about Habitat for Humanity. 


TREASURER:   Virginia Llanas, Treasurer presented the April 2010 Treasurer Report.  It was approved.   




Publicity:  Barbara Taylor, CIT sent a press release for the May 2010 meeting date.


Block Kids: Darlene Lee Omana CCA, CIT, CCRC reported that our Block Kid winner also won the Regional Contest.


Garcia Art Center  Darlene Lee Omana, CCA, CIT, CCRC reported that the construction of the wall will be held this Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 7:00 a.m.


Nominating Committee – Chairman, Cathy Beaudin, CCA reported on the Slate of Officers nominated. Lisa Huerta, Secretary, Cast the Acclamation that the officers and board members nominated will serve.


2010-2011 NAWIC Chapter Officers


President – Lisa Huerta

Vice President – Virginia Llanas

Treasurer – Vickie Thompson

Secretary – Georganne Gasaway

Board – Barbara Taylor CIT

            Cathy Beaudin CCA, CIT

IPP – Darlene Omana CCA,CIT,CCRRC


Adjournment: 7:50 p.m.


As material for the construction of our building, I pledge the agility of my hands, the ability of my mind and the integrity of my heart.


___________________                                       ____________________________________

Lisa Huerta, Secretary                                        Darlene Omana, CCA, CIT, CCRRC President




Members Present:                                            Guests Present:


Darlene Omana CCA, CIT, CCRRC                      Mallory Kanipes

Kim Wilburn                                                      Carrie Kanipes

Virginia Llanas                                                   Ron Kanipes    

Lisa Huerta                                                        Dylan Kanipes

Vickie Thompson                                              Cynthia O’Donnell

Cathy Beaudin, CCA                                          Frank Reyna

                                                                        Alfonso Gonzales

                                                                        Christopher Pena