Membership MEETING

May 19, 2009



CALL TO ORDER: President Darlene Omana CCA, CIT called the meeting to order at 6:11 p.m. with five members and nine guests present. A quorum was established. Location of the meeting was the City Diner Restaurant. Secretary, Vickie Thompson, was present.


INTRODUCTIONS:  Self Introductions were made.


PROGRAM: The CAD winners presented their drawings.


MINUTES: The April Minutes were approved via the internet.


CORRESPONDENCE:  No correspondence required action.




VICE PRESIDENT: Barbara Taylor CIT reported that the June 19th meeting will be Noel Lopez with STS presenting on Construction Sales tax.


TREASURER: Virginia Llanas presented the April treasurer’s report. They were approved as corrected.




Construction Professional and Education:


Community in Schools: Barbara Taylor CIT reported that they will be collecting 6” pots for their Breakfast of Champions for decorations.


They have a trailer they would like NAWIC to look at to see if we could help to repair it. Barbara Taylor CIT said she would get the location so we can meet after work to see if we want to do it.


Construction Project: Barbara Taylor CIT wanted to thank everyone who participated in building the wall for the ARK.


Publicity: Barbara Taylor CIT, discussed publicity items sent out. She said she sent out a press release on the ARK.


Ways and Means: Virginia Llanas reported that the Birthday Raffle netted $11.00.



Unfinished Business: President Darlene Omana CCA, CIT presented the Slate of 2008-2009 Officers. They are as follows:


President:         Darlene Omana CCA, CIT

Vice President:    Barbara Taylor CIT

Treasurer:         Virginia Llanas

Secretary:         Lisa Huerta

Board:              Vickie Thompson

                   Kim Wilburn


Vickie Thompson approved the vote of Officers by acclimation.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to come before the assembly, the meeting was adjourned at 7:46 p.m.


__________________________               ________________________________________

Vickie Thompson, Secretary               Darlene Omana, President CCA, CIT, CCRRC


Members Present:                                        

Darlene Omana CCA, CIT

Virginia Llanas

Cathy Beaudin CCA, CIT
Barbara Taylor, CIT 

Vickie Thompson