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NAWIC and the Women in Construction

How can a NAWIC membership enhance your career in the construction industry?

Members of the Association are business owners and executives, subcontractors, managers and office administrators. They are also attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants, estimators and tradeswomen. Some members are employed in construction trades including welding, electricity, carpentry and plumbing.

Monthly chapter meetings, national conventions and regional conferences provide opportunities for association and a strong communication network for developing and broadening valuable business contacts.

Various committees such as Safety and Health Awareness, Professional Education and Legislative Industry Issues encourage the member to participate in her area of individual expertise and offer enhanced knowledge and support from other members with similar specializations.

More than 30 associations work with NAWIC to share resources, aggressive problem resolutions and safety training. Together we can create a more positive image of the industry and the role of women who work in the non-traditional field of construction.

Partnering agreements with the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Associated Builders and Contractors, Associated General Contractors of America, Womens Business Enterprise National Council, National Center for Construction Education and Research, American Subcontractors Association, Small Business Administration, Women Build of Habitat for Humanity, Construction Financial Management Association , American Society of Professional Estimators, National Society of Professional Engineers, Southern Building Code Congress International, and the American Institute of Constructors enable members to share in educational and governmental programs.

NAWIC members are updated on pending legislation, both locally and nationally, through its Legislative Industry Issues Committee.

The NAWIC Education Foundation offers two courses in the fundamentals of construction terminology, processes, procedures and technology that provide an overview of the industry.

The Foundation also offers certification programs recognizing participants as Certified Construction Associates (CCA), Construction Industry Technicians (CIT), and Construction Document Specialists (CDS).

An important focus of the Foundation is to concentrate on kindergarten through 12th grade education processes for all young people, with primary emphasis on exposing children to career opportunities available in construction.

More than 6,000 students each year participate in the Foundations award-winning national Block-Kids Contest, which promotes construction education at the grade school level. The CAD/Design/Drafting Competitions are offered at the middle school/junior high and high school levels.

The NAWIC Founders Scholarship Foundation awards scholar -ships each year to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in construction-related fields.

Many NAWIC chapters have established scholarships and financial awards for students in their areas who are pursuing degrees in the various fields of construction.

The Association offers its members a wide range of discounted member services, which includes a credit card program, travel, car rental, office supplies, subscriptions to industry publications and discounts on all textbooks offered through the NAWIC Education Foundation.

Industry news and features are regularly promoted in the Associations national magazine, The NAWIC IMAGE.

Local NAWIC chapters initiate and participate in projects that benefit the industry and community, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Phoenix, Ariz., chapters Construction Dictionary, which is now in its ninth edition with approximately 85,000 volumes sold.

Chapter members have built blueprint reading rooms, construct-ed homeless shelters and playgrounds for children and taught con-construction safety workshops. Chapters and regions have united to create and participate in flood and disaster relief programs and have sponsored construction education classes.

NAWIC members are involved in joint activities with area construction companies, civic organizations and other associations, creating a network of communication and support with their communities.

NAWIC chapters conduct career day seminars in local schools and communities to encourage men and women to enter the world of construction.

Many chapters participate in job fairs to recruit women who are interested in changing careers and to provide information on educational and training requirements for both traditional and non traditional construction opportunities.

NAWIC is a professional association comprised of women working in construction and related industries. It was established in 1955 by 16 founding members. Today, there are approximately 6,000 members across the U.S. and in two Canadian provinces.

You can become a chapter member by applying for membership at a chapter meeting in your area or get an application online from our web site at You can become an individual member if there is not a chapter in your area by getting an application online. Student memberships are also open to women students enrolled in con-construction- related programs at institutions of higher education and vocational programs.

Your firm can even apply for one or more chapter corporate memberships or become a corporate affiliate sponsor.

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