May 20, 2008

CALL TO ORDER: President, Barbara Taylor, CIT called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. Location of the meeting was the City Diner.  Secretary, Darlene Lee-Omana, was present.


INTRODUCTIONS:  Six members present and eleven guests.


BIRTHDAYS AND RAFFLE:       Birthday raffle- none


PROGRAM:   CAD students present designs and receive awards.


MINUTES:    The Minutes for March, 2008 were approved as corrected, via internet.


CORRESPONDENCE:  Correspondence was read and none required action.




PRESIDENT:  President, Barbara Taylor CIT reported that:

  1. Leadership Officer Training will be August 16, 2008 in Austin, Texas.
  2. Bold Future for the Coastal Bend asks for participation from NAWIC.
  3. Credentials for Annual meeting due July 14, 2008.
  4. Barbara attended the CCISD Board Meeting and was recognized for our programs. Our second place CAD winner, Jack Lloyd Reilley was also

Recognized with announcement that he has been accepted at UT at Austin.


VICE PRESIDENT:  Vice President, Virginia Llanas reported the next business meeting will be held June 17, 2008 at City Diner.  Program from Veronica Trevino with Community In Schools.


TREASURER:  Treasurer, Vickie Thompson submitted Treasurer’s Reports for April, 2008 via internet.  Reports were approved and filed for audit.  She reported that Barbara and website have been paid off.



Nominating Committee: Vickie Thompson presented this years slate of officers:

            President- Darlene Lee Omana, Gill Roofing Co,Inc.

            Vice President- Barbara Taylor, Barcom Commercial.

            Secretary- Vickie Thompson, Dixie Pipe.

            Treasurer- Virginia Llanas, Valero Refining.

            Board of Directors:  Lisa Huerta, Kendall Erosion and Kim Wilburn, Marshall Company.

Vickie Thompson made a motion, seconded by Kim Keplar that Darlene Lee Omana represent Corpus Christi Chapter #4 as our Delegate at Annual in Las Vegas.  Motion carried.

Membership:  President Barbara Taylor welcomed Laurie A. Jimenez from the Houston Chapter.

Professional Education:  Virginia Llanas reported June program will be Veronica Trevino. 

Finding on Del Mar tabled for a couple of months.

Darlene Lee Omana will try to set up a program for Home Buyers with the City for one of our meetings.

Block Kids: President, Barbara Taylor reported.

Badges & Identification:  Nothing at this time.

Publicity:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT discussed publicity items sent in.

Education:  CAD winner Jack Lloyd Reilley would like Scholarship applications sent to him.

Recycle:  Lisa Huerta resigned as chair and Darlene Lee Omana volunteered to take over.

CAD:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT presented winners for this years competition and distributed checks. 

  1. Juan Gonzalez – Bruni High School  $500.00
  2. Jack Lloyd-ReilleyCarroll High School  $ 300.00
  3. Alexandra InoceniaBruni High School  $ 250.00

She also announced that she sent in the nomination for Alfonso Gonzalez for the Carol Kueker Award.

Social:  Nothing at this time.

Health and Safety:  Virginia Llanes distributed electrical safety update.

Ways and Means:  Committee Chairman, Darlene Lee Omana, reports that AGC has agreed to a joint sale with us.  A date of October 11, 2008 was agreed upon.  We will also be selling Hooks ticket books again this year.  Barbara Taylor is going to get Adam’s replacement e-mail address to Darlene.

Communication:  No Report

Friendship:  Virginia Llanes reported that birthday cards were sent. Happy Birthday Virginia.

Website: Vickie Thompson reports that she will get the website updated soon.

Construction Industry:  Prescott School Nurse’s Station work day scheduled for May 31, 2008 at Kim Keplar’s shop at 3049 SPID- 9:00 AM.   We will finalize at Prescott on June 7, 2008.  Kim will let us know what time.


Darlene Lee Omana and Kim Keplar were interviewed on the morning show for KIII- Chanel 3 on Sunday- April 20, 2008. 

NEW BUSINESS:  President Barbara Taylor will be going to a Post Conference Meeting for Skills USA on June 14, 2008.  Please e-mail her any comments you may have.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to come before the assembly, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


___________________                                  ____________________

Darlene Lee-Omana, Secretary                       Barbara Taylor, President

Members Present:                                         Guests Present:

Barbara Taylor, CIT                                        Laurie A. Jimenez

Virginia Llanas                                                JuanGonzalez             

Darlene Lee Omana, CCA, CIT, CCRCC     Alexandra Inocenia

Vickie Thompson                                            Jack Lloyd Reilley, Mr. and Mrs. Reilley

Kim Keplar                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Gonzalez

Cathy Beaudin, CCA, CIT                             Frank Reyna

                                                                        Christina Gonzalez

                                                                        David Castillo