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Region 7 Director 2005-2007

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Region 7 … the home of NAWIC


August, 2007                                                                                       Essential Pieces of Success – a Region 7 Newsletter


From Director Judy


            NAWIC Annual Meeting/Convention will be September 5-9, 2007 at the Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando, Florida.   The focus this year is certainly on education.   There are some dynamic seminars planned and lots of NAWIC (and other) workshops.  I hope you’ve made plans to attend.  We’re having some minor glitches on the NAWIC website, so if you have any questions about convention, feel free to give me a call.


“It’s Vegas, Baby!”  The site for NAWIC 2008 Convention will be the Flamingo Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas, September 3 – 7, 2008.  Tamie Taylor, Incoming NAWIC President is already busy planning an educational adventure for you …. and, you know it will be fun!


NAWIC dues renewal forms will be mailed the second week of August.  Remember: members who joined between 11/06 and 09/07 will receive a dues statement for the prorated dues.  Because this occasionally causes confusion, please review the procedure with members who have joined this year.


Hope you are drying out in your area and we’ll “talk” again before Convention!




"There are powers inside of you which, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become."

                                ~Orison Swett Marden~


[Thank you, Anne Owen, from the Waco Chapter, for sharing this quote!  I love it!! – jd]

From your Director-elect…


We are getting closer to our year end and it is time for me to ask your help.  Please consider sharing your individual talents with the region by making a commitment to chair one of our Region 7 Committees or serve as Region 7 NAWIC Representative.  Please let me know if you have an interest or know a member of your chapter who might be interested. 


The Region 7 Committees/Representative positions are as follows:

Construction Industry



Safety & Health

Strategic Planning


WIC Week

NEF Liaison

NEF Block Kids

NEF Building Design

NEF CAD/Drafting


I would also like to remind you of our upcoming APC (Annual Planning Conference) scheduled for November 10, 2007 in Fort Worth at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Conference Coordinator Karolene Pittman will be sending registration forms the first week in August.  We were able to keep the registration fee to $60.00 and the room rates are $89.00 per night.  I am working on the agenda and will make it available to you as soon as it is completed.  So come learn with us and plan on having a wonderful experience.


Thank you for your support.


Julia Campbell

(817) 821-9600 - cell






Welcome New Members!

(New Region 7 members processed 6/24/07 – 7/27/07)


Tracy M. Dalrymple, Independent Electrical Contractors (Fort Worth)

                (recruited by Peggy A. Bass)

Tammy M. Unangst, Imperial Construction (Fort Worth)

                (no recruiter listed)

Joan P. Nye, Principal Financial Group (Dallas)

                (recruited by Judith A. Downey)

Luci M. Ferguson, AUI Contractors (Fort Worth)

                (recruited by  Jackie G. Barnes)

Lisa L. Sullivan, Lexington & Associates, Inc. (Dallas)

                (no recruiter listed)             



Welcome to NAWIC, Region 7! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I hope you are all able to take full advantage of all your chapter has to offer.  If you joined as a member-at-large please don’t hesitate to contact a local chapter and attend their meetings.  Also, attend regional and national events so you also will get the most from your membership. (And, you can transfer your membership to a chapter, if desired.)


And a big “Thank you” to the Recruiters!!  If a recruiter is incorrect, or not listed, the new member can contact Sandy Fite at the NAWIC office to have it corrected/added.






The NAWIC officers for 2007-2008 are …


President                     Tamie Taylor, CDT, CIT

President-Elect           Pat McDonald, CIT

Vice President                        Robin Fulton Meyer, CIT

Secretary                    Judy DeWeese, CIT

Treasurer                    Debra Gregoire, CIT

Immediate Past-President

                                    Chris Wigginton, CIT


[I am truly excited to have the opportunity to serve with these Officers and the Directors.- jd]



Reminders …



If you are not getting any emails from the NAWIC office, or if you’re not getting this newsletter via email, then your contact information on the NAWIC eDirectory is probably wrong.  You are the only one that can correct the information.  Only YOU can do it!


·          Log in to the Members Section

·          Click on Update your Info

·          Enter your personal user name & password  (when it was set up for you, your first name and your membership number were used as your name and password – you can change that when you go into the site)

·          Update your information


If you don’t know your user name and password, send a request to  It only takes a minute, but you are the only one that can do it!



Please go to the NAWIC website, www. to read the latest edition of The Connection.  You’re not getting the most from your membership if you don’t keep informed.  And, gosh, the Directors have to think really HARD when they write their Connection piece!




Reservations are now being taken for the NAWIC Leadership Academy, to be held at Clemson University October 28-31.  Topics include leadership/management styles, negotiating techniques, and conflict resolution, among others.  Space is limited.  What an opportunity this is!!  Information available at



The NEF office has been moved to Clemson University.  The main mailing address, and other addresses, has changed.  Please see the NEF website at



Following are the totals, by percentage and regions, of votes cast in the national election.  Region 7 had less that 43% of the total members voting.  We can do better.  Yes, I know that only one office was contested, but it is still important to make your voice heard.  Voting IS your voice.  So, next year .,…..

Region 1                       38.4%

Region 2                       34.2%

Region 3                       41.4%

Region 4                       57.2%

Region 5                       42.7%

Region 6                       45.9%

Region 7                       42.6%

Region 8                       35%

Region 9                       53.9%

Region 10                      45.1%

Region 11                      45.6%

Region 12                      40.9%

Region 13                      39.8%

Region 14                      48.7%






News from Around the Region


NAWIC Austin



Katie Loughmiller, President

Austin Chapter #7



NAWIC Corpus Christi



Corpus Christi has had a record 16” of rain for the month of July and it is STILL raining!  So now we are working on the all time record rainfall in on month.  But the rain has not dampened the spirits for Chapter #4.


Casino Night is going to be held on July 27th, we would like to invite our NAWIC sisters to come and have a great time with us. Dar Lee-Omana is working hard to provide the best “Las Vegas” type gaming tables, including Texas Hold ‘Em.  LOTS of prizes - free food, cocktails and beer, will be available. You can purchase tickets from any Chapter #4 member, we would love for you to come and gamble the night away!


At our July 17th meeting, we worked on our Strategic Plan and just about have it all in place with our dreams and goals through 2019.  It was a real challenge for such a small chapter, but we all put our heads together and came up with a great plan.  We even included our “small but mighty!” slogan.  All of the members that attended the meeting did a great job of coming up with our plan, and I thank them ALL!


We also, appointed our committee chairs for next year and I appreciate all the time and effort that goes into the committee and look forward to next year committee reports.  We have a great group of ladies that dedicate many hours to our committees and kudos go to all of our new chairs!


Speaking of great members, the Corpus Christi Chapter would like to extend their best wishes and congratulations to Judy DeWeese our new National Secretary.  We are all very proud of you!!



Barbara A. Taylor, CIT, President

Corpus Christi Chapter #4



NAWIC Dallas


Greetings from the Dallas Chapter!


The Dallas Chapter had a summer hiatus during the month of July, but we are back at work and quickly moving through our arrangements for the month of August. Not only do we have our regularly scheduled Membership meeting on August 20th, but we are in the final stages of preparing for our highly anticipated 2nd Annual Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament which will be held on Friday, August 17, 2007. Brochures have been sent out by regular mail and are also available electronically via e-mail or by simply visiting our webpage ( Our marketing efforts have paid off, and we are already receiving door/raffle prizes, sponsorship commitments, and player registrations! We are extremely excited that this year’s tournament will benefit a wonderful charity, The Genesis Women’s Shelter, and we hope this event is just as successful as our first.


We will also convene a Joint Board Meeting on the 6th of August to wrap up this year and hopefully map out the next. Rebecca Hicks is eager to take on her new duties as President of our Chapter and has already finalized some of her plans for next year. Our new Board members are full of great new ideas and are chomping at the bit to get started. I am certain that we will continue to make great strides in providing the best experiences and support for our members.


The Dallas Chapter will also have quite a contingent traveling to Orlando for our National Convention. At last count, we will have ten (10) ladies in attendance, and we are hopeful that even more will be able to make the trip. I know from personal experience that Conventions are a great way to learn about other Chapters and their members, and I urge all of our ladies to make the trip at least once.


Hoping everyone is having a great summer!


Tamara S. Crooks

President, Dallas Chapter #2



NAWIC Fort Worth


Gracie Narey, CIT, President

Fort Worth Chapter #1



NAWIC Houston



Kathy Sterling, President

Houston Chapter #3



NAWIC Oklahoma City



C.J. Behrenbrinker, President

Oklahoma City Chapter #25




Chapter 76 recently enjoyed our July meeting/picnic at Sherran Harris’ house.  After a short meeting, we enjoyed Sherran’s pool and hospitality – thank you.  I would also like to thank Debbie Martin and Lisa Haney for planning such a nice picnic, even if Lisa did win the big Bunco prizes.  Tee Hee! 


Well, as the NAWIC calendar year is beginning to wind down, I often wonder where the time has gone.  It just seems like yesterday that I was sitting in a hotel suite in Corpus Christi with all the Region 7 Presidents wondering what I had gotten myself into.  I want to thank Judy for her guidance, support and friendship.


Chapter 76 would like to congratulate Judy for her new position as Secretary on the National Board.  We are so proud of you!


Kasey Baumann, President

Tulsa Chapter #76




NAWIC San Antonio



Martha Simpson, President

San Antonio Chapter #11






Our speaker in July talked about restoration of buildings and homes damaged by fire, wind, rain, etc.  They worked in Louisiana after the hurricane.


Instead of having a regular meeting in August, we have decided to go out to dinner and get to know each other better.  We don't have dinner at our monthly meetings, so we decided to take a summer break.


Anne Owen with Johnson Roofing should be taking the test the first part of August to get her Construction Industry Technician Certificate.    I know she will be proud to be able to put the initials, CIT, by her name.



Ginger Ritchison

Waco Chapter #14




Region 7 Committees


Safety Committee


Extreme Weather


Each year people are killed or seriously injured by the effects of extreme weather.  You can protect yourself from the dangers of thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and high temperatures by staying informed, being prepared, and keeping up with severe weather watches and warnings.


Thunderstorms:  Severe thunderstorms can produce strong winds capable of blowing building materials around or knocking you off a ladder.  Thunderstorms can also produce heavy rain, various sizes of hail, and lightning.  Lightning often gives no warning and strikes with devastation.  Before a thunderstorm, seek shelter indoors.  If you're caught in a storm, avoid walking or standing near tall trees, metal objects (such as fences), and open water.


Floods:  Flash flooding is the number one cause of death associated with thunderstorms, causing more than 140 fatalities each year.  Flooding can occur in low-lying areas and can happen even if there hasn't been any rain in your vicinity.


Tornadoes:  Tornadoes can occur at any time throughout the year but are most likely in the spring and summer.  Although they have occurred in every state, they hit most frequently to the east of the Rocky Mountains.  Tornadoes can create rotating winds with speeds over 250 mph.  Flying debris causes many deaths during tornadoes.  Seek shelter immediately in a sturdy, reinforced building.  Never count on being able to outrun a tornado in any vehicle.


Hurricanes:  This type of severe storm is preceded by days of warning from the National Weather Service.  Heed those warnings and use some of the advance notice to remove or secure building materials.


Safety Reminder:  Advance warning often comes before extreme weather strikes.  Listen for weather reports on the news or radio, and look for visual indications of approaching bad weather.


Be Safe


Sherran Harris

Region 7 Safety Committee Chair




Professional Education


Members of NAWIC are business owners and executives, subcontractors, managers and office administrators. They are also attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants, estimators and tradeswomen. Some members are employed in construction trades including welding, electricity, carpentry, plumbing and roofing—to name a few. But all members can benefit from their daily contacts in the industry.


Monthly chapter meetings, national conventions and regional conferences provide opportunities for association with each other as well as a strong communication network for developing and broadening valuable business contacts.


Professional Education encourages the member to participate in her area of individual expertise and offer enhanced knowledge and support from other members with similar specializations. This network of shared knowledge can go as far as you want it to go. The sky is the limit.


Together we can create a more positive image of the industry and the role of women who work in the non-traditional field of construction. At the same time, we can grow individually and better ourselves with education and training through various forms of Professional Education. When you put all of these factors together, success is inevitable and a win-win for the employee as well as the employer.


Thanks for all that you do to promote Professional Education!

I am here if you need any assistance.


Jill Melançon

Region #7 P.E. Chair

Cell:  817-540-2197






Dates to Remember


·          9/5/07 – 9/9/07 – NAWIC 52nd Annual Meeting/Convention, Orlando, Florida

·          11/10/07 – Region 7 APC, Hilton Garden Inn, Fort Worth

·          4/4/084/5/08 – Region 7 Forum, Tapatio Springs, Boerne, Texas – Hosted by the Fabulous Fifties: the Waco, Austin, and San Antonio Chapters



Essential Elements


There are essential pieces that make any business or association a success.  When it comes to the success of our NAWIC Region, YOU are an ESSENTIAL ELEMENT.  Our success depends ENTIRELY on the contribution of the TEAM.  We are ALL members of that team; we EACH have a part to play in the victory. 



Presenting the 2006 – 2007 Team Leaders of our Essential Elements of Success …



Region 7 2006-07 Chapter Presidents


Katie Loughmiller                        Austin #7

Barbara Taylor                           Corpus Christi #4

Tammy Crooks                             Dallas #2

Gracie Narey                              Fort Worth #1

Kathy Sterling                            Houston #3

C.J. Behrenbrinker                      Oklahoma City #25

Martha Simpson                          San Antonio #11

Kasey Baumann                            Tulsa #76

Ginger Ritchison                         Waco #14                     



Region 7 2006-07 Committee Chairs/Reps


Construction Industry                 Martha Simpson

Membership                                Kathy Sterling &

                                                Terri Pasley

PR/Marketing                             Celeste Estep

Professional Education                 Jill Melançon

Safety & Health                         Sherran Harris

Strategic Planning                       Terry Johnson

Tradeswomen                              Katie Loughmiller

WIC Week                                 Becky Wynne &

                                                Barbara Taylor

NEF Liaison                               Karolene Pittman

NEF Block Kids                           Brenda Corbett

NEF Building Design                    (none)

NEF CAD/Drafting                     Brenda Corbett

Director’s Advisory                     Past Regional Directors





Deadline to submit information for this newsletter is the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Email articles to Director Judy DeWeese at or


Cloud Callout: To not succeed is not failure … to not try is failure. 











Judy DeWeese, CIT

NAWIC Director, Region 7, 2005-2007

210.826-1813 office

210.860-9117 cell