November 21, 2006



CALL TO ORDER:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Location of the meeting was the City Diner.  Secretary, Lisa Huerta, was present.


INTRODUCTIONS:  Self Introductions were made.


PROGRAM:  Larry Blas, City of Corpus Christi spoke about the Rebuilding Together Corpus Christi Program.


MINUTES:    The Minutes were approved as written.


CORRESPONDENCE:  No correspondence was received and there was no outgoing. 




PRESIDENT:  President, Barbara Taylor CIT reported on the Presidents, Forum 2007 meetings held at the last Fall APC in Fort Worth, TX


VICE PRESIDENT:  Virginia Llanas, V. President announced that there will be no meeting in December 2006 and the next meeting will be held at January 16, 2006 at the City Diner. Vice President, Virginia Llanas discussed alternate meeting place. Mary Castille will check with her employer on availability of their meeting room.


TREASURER:  Treasurer, Vickie Thompson discussed the monthly storage room fee and website fee.  Celina Romay will check to see if she can get a new domain name with smaller monthly fee.



Budget:    No report.

Professional Education: Vice President, Virginia Llanas reported that the January 2007 speaker will be from the YWCA.

Membership: Committee Chairman, Lisa Huerta, reported that prospective members were contacted.

Block Kids: President, Barbara Taylor reported that the Block Kids Contest will be held January 20, 2007 at Prescott Elementary.

Forum: Committee Chairman, Vickie Thompson, reported that she has a design for the name badges.

Badges & Identification:  No Report.

Publicity:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that the meeting for this month was published twice in the Corpus Christi Caller Times and also that a press release was issued on our attendance at the APC in Forth Worth.

Education:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT stated she will discuss the members interest in taking the CDS test with member Cathy Ketchum, CCA, CIT.

Recycle:  Treasurer, Vickie Thompson reported that several items had been turned in for recycle at this meeting. Mary Castille will check with her employer regarding their used toners for recycle.

CAD:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that Bruni High School and Carroll High School have entered. 

Social:  Secretary, Lisa Huerta reported that no Christmas Party will be held this year.

Roster: President, Barbara Taylor CIT  reported that it will continue to be updated. 

Ways and Means:  Treasurer, Vickie Thompson had idea for occasional 50/50 raffles to help raise money.

Telephone:  No report.

Friendship:  V. President, Virginia Llanas reported that Secretary, Lisa Huerta will send a sympathy card to fellow member Darlene Lee Omana, CCA CIT and her husband.

Website: Committee Chairman, Vickie Thompson reported that Website is updated. Trash Off:  Committee Chairman, Lisa Huerta, reported that the next clean up is scheduled for Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.

Skate Park:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT reported that they are pouring concrete right now and it should be completed by Spring Break.

Tabs: Committee Chairman, Vickie Thompson reported that there is 1 gallon of tabs collected and will be turned in.

WIC Week:  President, Barbara Taylor said the Becky Wynne, Region 7 Chair is requesting 100% participation. 

Construction Industry: Vice President, Virginia Llanas submitted information regarding Tennis For Success as a possible project.


NEW BUSINESS:  President, Barbara Taylor, CIT, Vice President, Virginia Llanas and Secretary, Lisa Huerta suggested items for Chapter Sales at Forum 2007.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Secretary, Lisa Huerta reported that her business will soon have a website.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to come before the assembly, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


___________________                                  ____________________

Lisa Huerta, Secretary                                      Barbara Taylor, President


Members Present:                                         Guests Present: 0

Barbara Taylor CIT                                                                 

Virginia Llanas

Vickie Thompson

Lisa Huerta

Celina Romay

Mary Castille